practice areas

Personal Injury Cases
Motor Vehicle Collisions, Slip and Fall, Medical Malpractice, Dog Bites

Product Liability
Construction Cases, Defective Machines

Medical Malpractice
All types of Malpractice claims, including but not limited to misdiagnosis of cancer, wrongful death, failing to diagnose conditions, strokes, paralysis, emergency room misdiagnosis, nursing home negligence.

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Motor vehicle collision involving vehicles, truck and pedestrians.

Worker's Compensation Claims
Personal injuries which occur at work, including but not limited construction site cases, defective machines, repetitive movements, falls, injuries caused by machinery, co-employees and or employees of general contractors

Employment Law
Discrimination in the workplace including but not limited to sexual assault/harassment, wage and hour claims.

Discrimination Cases
Gender discrimination, including sexual harassment, race, age, religion, heritage and/or language discrimination.

Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Social Security

Appeals of social security denials and filing of social security claims.

Criminal Cases
Misdemeanors and felony charges in State Courts including New Hampshire and Massachusetts, involving assault and battery charges, sexual assaults, intoxication, Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon and cases involving drugs and shop lifting.